Just The Right Foods For Your First Date

Many people spend a good amount of time worrying about their clothes, yet the choice of food they will order during their first date is equally important too. It’s much easier to identify the foods that are inadvisable for your first date than those which are great. Always have in mind that a great meal will bring about wonderful conversation building up your chemistry. Briefly described are the top food suggestions perfect for a first date:


Well, as much as most guys wouldn’t any woman ordering a salad during their first date, it does have one upside. Ordering a salad gives the impression that you are more of a health enthusiast. Most guys say that they like a girl who does not shy off from ordering a juicy steak. What they don’t add is they prefer a woman who shows concern of her body even more. So, if you go with the salad during the date, it’s no loss at all.


When on a date, wine is an instant sell. Not only does it relax your mind but you both loosen up and get to converse more. When relaxed you are more natural and it will be a surprise if you two don’t have a wonderful conversation.


In some cases you might find yourself in an Italian restaurant. There is no shame in relaxing while enjoying a plate of pasta but while ordering food it is advisable to go for something that provides more variation and won’t be much of a hassle eating. The last thing you expect is a date that ends up messy. It’s for this reason that spaghetti might not be a good idea. Enjoy the perfect Italy experience with whipped up potato accompanied by secret sauce and mozzarella.


This might be the top aphrodisiac option on the menu that’s internationally known and makes a strong statement. Lets not forget that a strong statement is always a good way to start your first date.

Top 3 Places Where Food Forest Gardening is Practised

Food forest gardening is a farming practice that is in line with permaculture concept. This concept stipulates that farming and agricultural landscapes should be in harmony with the nature. Food forest farming is basically a farming practice that entails planting perennial, low-maintenance crops that supplement natural food nutrients, drainage as well as climate to attain a self-sustaining and food producing ecosystem. A food forest therefore, is a forest that gives rise to food for human consumption. There are various places in the world where food forest gardening is widely practiced. These are:

  1. London, united kingdom

The city commenced a project known as London Orchard Projects with the objective of creating and maintaining urban orchards in the city. The project works closely with the communities around the orchards to maintain them. Aside from providing fresh healthy food for the locals, the projects also play a great role in bringing people together.

  1. Seattle, Washington

Beacon food forest is located in Seattle US. The forest plants, maintains and produces foods especially fruits for the local people. The organization is an NGO and prides itself in helping towards enhancement of climate as well as providing educational opportunities to researchers and students.

  1. Fukuoka’s food forest, Japan

This is a food forest in japan that was started by a Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka. The forest garden has a wide variety of tree fruits, nuts and vegetables. Although the founder of the garden died in 2008, it is currently maintained and managed by his children


It’s not only mild but it’s a fine food selection to go for. This sea creatures are tasty and easy to eat. The outside crunch reveals the buttery inside flesh that melts inside your mouth.


When going out on a dinner date this is probably the safest food on the menu you can opt for. It smells good, is lean and very tasty. To avoid ordering a quite common dish, ensure it’s the chefs special.


Even before you order your food, you notice that the environment around sushi restaurants are very authentic for a one-on-one date. The classic Japanese cuisine has its unique appeal and taste. The serving platter usually has a marvelous pattern that only adds to the beauty of the meal. This might also be the perfect occasion for a person to showcase their prowess when using chopsticks.

Dark Chocolate

The whole setting behind ordering chocolate screams out the sexy theme. This might be a chocolate engulfed dessert or one lathed with strawberries. As much as it’s kind of an easy way out it’s a rich taste with rich texture that disarms your senses instantly revving up your libido.