Foods to choose on a date when you happen to be on a diet

You could be on a diet for a number of reasons. Whether it is done, in order to control your weight, to burn fat or to control your sugar and cholesterol level, the process is not that easy as spoken and involves a great deal of controllability and courage to fight temptation. However, if you are well aware of the unhealthy foods and of its’ consequences, you would seem more confident when ordering a meal.

If you happen to be on a date with your fiancé/ fiancée, while you are on a diet, things could get a bit awkward, when the time comes to order food. Suppose it is lunch time or dinner time, you simply can’t skip the meal and let your partner have their meal while you just watch and wait. It would be quite embarrassing. So it’s best to order some light, healthy food to keep yourself occupied while your partner has a go. To do so, it is necessary to know what food items are healthy and what you shouldn’t eat.

A light meal consisted of fruits and vegetables can never be harmful and will give no negative effect to your body at any cost. Especially if it is for dinner, having a light meal or a soup with no fat (Vegetable soup, leaf porridge) are ideal and recommended. As an appetizer, many hotels and restaurants serve the soup with a piece of bread which in some cases is covered with margarine or butter. Since margarine and butter are foods containing, high-fat levels, it is best to mention your dislike of applying butter on the bread. Likewise, when it comes to dessert time, many restaurants are used to serve fruit salads with a mob of ice cream or cream at the top. Even after having received it, it is simple to turn down the order or to make a change. But the question will be whether temptation would let you do so. Therefore it is wise and advisable to give a detailed description of your preference so that you would not have to be in a tight position, fighting against temptation. That is more likely to increase your anxiety and stress level.

Some other food items which are ideal to eat when you happen to be on a diet are, Salmon fish (fatty fish), whole eggs, tuna, beans and legumes. These food items do not contain high levels of fat and therefore could be considered as a healthy diet. Also, it is vital to take note that skipping meals is not an answer to your weight problem. So in case you happen to be on a date while you are on a diet, be sure to enjoy the moment by eating and drinking instead of totally avoiding all food items. That would be sickening and would spoil the moment and mood. So the simple answer is to become aware of the healthy foods so that you could be confident when selecting your menu.