Don’t Take The First Date’s Food Options For Granted

Nothing is more heart-pounding than waiting for the first date. This is the only way to show off one’s best personality to a person whom one adores most, at the time. First date can lead to the next meeting. But, it is somewhat painful to see it as the first and last date. This is why, preparing the most perfect performance for the first date is more than just important. It is crucial. It is so urgent that nobody want to miss a thing.


Let’s see how a man and a woman would do on his or her first date. The most favorite place for the first date is restaurant. The reason is clear, in which either the man or the woman can ease away the nervous feeling by eating snacks or simple cuisines and sipping a cup of coffee or two. As the first impression is the main thing that any individual wants to deliver, then there are rules to follow. It means, not all foods or beverages can deliver a good impression to many individuals. Some foods should be avoided. They include:

Italian pastas

They are everyone’s favorite. But, Italian pasta includes some spices that can cause bad breath. Definitely, this is the first and the foremost thing to avoid on the first date.


Any kind of burger can create a great mess. Especially big size burgers. Of course, this is everyone’s top list menu, but only kids who are ‘forgiven’ for creating hassles after eating them. Definitely, they are not recommended for first dates.


If you think that a bowl of soup doesn’t cause too much hassle to slurp it, you are right. But, it applies only on European restaurants. So, avoid ordering soups on Oriental restaurants because you have to use chopsticks instead of spoon, while you have to ‘drink’ it, to finish it.


I will never forget the scene in a movie titled ‘Mr. Bean’s Holiday’ when the main actor was trying to eat the whole lobster in a fancy, French restaurant. Believe me or not, you wouldn’t want to do this to get your first date’s impression.

Other kinds of food to avoid include spicy bowl of noodles and all cuisines using green vegetables as their main ingredients. You know for sure that spicy foods can lead to disasters, not only to your stomach, but also your expression. How hard it will be to hide your red face, due to your ‘sensational’ feeling after eating spicy cuisines.

The same thing applies to all menus which use green vegetables. You would not want your date to remind you that there is a little piece of spinach is stuck within your teeth.

So, never take the importance of choosing the best food for the first date. It is true that you should not hide your personality when you are about to have a serious relationship with a person. But, still, first impression determines the next step of a relationship. At least, this is the moment when a person gives value to another. Social status is still important, especially when a couple plans to tie the knot.

Instead, visit cafes or fancy restaurants which ‘understand’ how to serve ‘decent’ foods during the first date