Basic restaurant Supplies and equipment.

Getting into the restaurant business is surely one of the best decisions you could ever have. People with a passion of cooking and have taken culinary courses or cooking lessons can definitely make it a career path. But in order to run the business successfully, apart from good cooking skills you need the best restaurant supplies as well as management skills.

The market is practically teeming with many stand-alone high quality equipment that are reasonably priced. The most important restaurant supplies include ovens, stove top and storage equipment. Depending on the space availability plus the needs, the model and the design of ovens can be chosen. Convection ovens are used in many places.

Those who have limited space in their kitchens can choose an oven that acts as both a normal oven and a convection oven. There must also be sufficient space for the burners and broilers. Steam tables are also available in some hotels. This will keep food at a hot temperature for prolonged periods.

Keeping the kitchen well-equipped with sophisticated equipment is a very wise decision. It will greatly aid you in speeding up the work in your kitchen and generally making it capable to meet even larger projects. It is a trend among restaurants to use walk-in refrigerators. Pots and pans are also of equal importance.

They should primarily be placed at the top of your list of needs. Stockpots of a wide range of sizes and capacities need to be kept in the kitchen. It would also help, if you have a wide range of sizes for saut-pans, sauce pans, Dutch ovens, and skillets to accommodate all those types of dishes you will be preparing. Equally important are loaf pans and baking sheets. You should also have food weighing scales, spoons, forks and other cutlery, juicers, peelers, chopping boards, knives, spinners, can openers, graters and zesters.

Dining out of the house is another fantastic activities people might have on decent weather days. Spring most definitely is an ideal time to have brunch outdoors and it does appear like the outdoors provide a better feel for a dining experience. Garden restaurants are incredibly famous these days in which it’s generally bright and sunny but cool. Diners choose them simply because they can smoke, talk as loudly as they wish, as well as people-watch. It also seems like celebrities select these eating venues mainly because they’re the ideal spots to be seen.

For great garden cafes, landscaping is really important. A beautifully landscaped area is normally reminiscent of great outdoor dining spots where people have their afternoon tea and discuss romantic subjects … or politics. Considering that most people basically set the expectations for the ideal dining experience, most restaurants should strive to produce the matching stylish quality for their customers and one of the methods of doing this is actually by having a landscaped garden where customers can engage in their meal.

Whether you need food items, cooking pans, sitting chairs, eating tables, landscaping or Thank You bags, you will be happy if you find a unique company recognized in your area for restaurant supplies.

Qualities of a good restaurant ERP system

The benefits of ERP (enterprise resource planning) software in all industries cannot be gainsaid. It is even more so in industries that require strict regulatory compliance. The restaurant industry is a great example of industries that are required to conform to multiple regulatory requirements.

There are ERP systems that are tailor-made for the restaurant industry but at the same time there are some universal systems that can be customized to fit restaurant-specific best practices. The best way to ensure compliance is to work with a qualified software provider during both the evaluation and purchasing process.


For restaurants to comply with health codes, they need a system that guarantees efficient food management. Proper ERP software will help accomplish this important restaurant-specific requirement.

A good restaurant ERP system should take the following into consideration:

(1)Pricing patterns

If you are dealing with a chain of restaurants, prices of different products may vary according to regions, sales quantities and distribution channels.

(2)Process streamlining

The system should be able to take care of processes such as purchasing, allocations, budgeting, document management and workflow.

(3)Easy operation

Most of the restaurant staff are not computer savvy. That means the ERP system implemented should be as user-friendly as possible.

(4)Multiple modes and terms of payment

These include coupons, cheques, cards, credit cards and cash. The ERP system should be able to manage all these terms of payment.

(5)Storage life management

Food management is an important part of the restaurant business. A good system should be able to alert staff on upcoming expiry dates for timely handling.

(6)Allow for robust planning

The ERP software should allow inter-departmental collaboration by enabling robust forecasting and budgeting applications.

Bottom line

The best system for a restaurant is one that allows for standardization of business processes, enhance co-ordination and boost overall efficiency.